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A book is a dream that you hold in your hands

It was in the year 1986 that a group of six teachers of English published a series of books addressed to intermediate students learning English as a second language. As one “chunk” leads to another, a second series followed, addressed this time to primary students. Consequently, the need for founding a publishing house turned into a must. Since then, World Heritage Publishers has been moving forward with big strides, acquiring an identity of its own - full dedication to producing English language books, books that are namely geared towards teaching the language to all pre-university levels, meaning preschool up to secondary. So far, we have around five hundred publications on our list, and the wheel is still turning.

Board Members:

Makram Haddad, General Manager
Sami Jalbout, Editorial Office Manager
Maurice Haddad, Public Relations Manager
Jaqueline Najjar, Editor

The Writers

The board members are always on the lookout for fresh, promising writers who have gathered both academic achievement and solid years of experience in school education. However, the present writers who have been the pillars of the Heritage edifice, who have given the company its pride, solidarity, and reputation, who have granted us their trust and confidence, are the ones we proudly announce their names below:

Ahlam Klailat Ph.D.
Maya Kourani Ph.D.
Ahmed Ouiny Ph.D.
Elisabeth Davis M.A.
Arda Jebejian Ph.D.
Juhaina Yakzan M.A.
Youssra Sabra Ph. D.
Mona Khatib M.A.
Marcelle Assaf M.A.
Nisreen Sinjab M.A.
Lory Harboyan M.A.
Nabila Harati M.A.
Amin Abu Ayyash M.A.
Brenda Proctor M.A.
Rima Cholakian M.A.
Ghina Kattab M.A.
Rania El Hajj M.A.
Sanaa Taleb M.A.
Armig Panossian B.A.