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The board members are always on the lookout for fresh, promising writers who have gathered both academic achievement and solid years of experience in school education. However, the present writers who have been the pillars of the Heritage edifice, who have given the company its pride, solidarity, and reputation, who have granted us their trust and confidence, are the ones we proudly announce their names below:

Ahlam Klailat Ph.D.
Ahmed Ouiny Ph.D.
Arda Jebejian Ph.D.
Lory Harboyan M.A.
Amin Abu Ayyash M.A.
Elisabeth Davis M.A.
Juhaina Yakzan M.A.
Marcelle Allam Assaf M.A.
Mona Khatib M.A.
Nabila Harati M.A M.A.
Brenda Proctor M.A.
Nisreen Sinjab M.A.
Ghina Kattab M.A.
Rima Cholakian M.A.
Armig Panossian B.A.
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